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Historically Patan, is the third largest city of Nepal after Kathmandu and Pokhara and it is located in the south-central part of Kathmandu Valley. Lalitpur is also known as Manigal. It is best known for its rich cultural heritage, particularly its tradition of arts and crafts. It is called city of festival and feast, fine ancient art, making of metallic and stone carving statue. Patan Durbar Square has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Lalitpur is on the elevated tract of land in Kathmandu Valley on the south side of the Bagmati River, which separates it from the city of Kathmandu on the northern and western side. The Nakkhu Khola acts as the boundary on the southern side. It was developed on relatively thin layers of deposited clay and gravel in the central part of a dried ancient lake known as the Nagdaha.

It is bounded by:

  • East: Imadol VDC
  • West: Kirtipur Municipality and Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC)
  • North: Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC)
  • South: Bajrabarahi Municipality, Karya Binayak Municipality

Attractions of Patan:

  • Patan Museum
  • Sundari Chowk
  • Golden Temple
  • Mul Chowk
  • Krishna Mandir
  • Peace Gallery
  • Durbar Square
  • Uku Bahal
  • Zoo
  • Mahabouddha Temple
  • Bhandarkhal Water Tank
  • Royal Palace
  • Taleju Bell
  • King Yoganarendra Malla’s Statue
  • Manga Hiti
  • Kumbeshwar Temple
  • Bhimsen Temple
  • Pim Bahal Pokhari

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